About Wakanda

Founder / CEO. Mr. Henry Oningu

My art journey started when I was a kid, I used to draw and paint and even get in trouble cause I used the wrong book or wrong medium for it, then went to high school and found art as a subject there, at first I like it but I hated painting cause I didn’t get it then but I guess I had to get a hang of it. Once I was done with school things just worked themselves out.

What inspired me is the fact that I had the skill and didn’t utilize it so I took a go at it and it has been the best decision ever. Well the fact that the body is an element that people take lightly but it can tell a story through many ways, in emotion and expression, so I’ve come to value it as my medium.

I won’t lie that I’m all creatively blessed but one thing I do is surround myself with as much creativity as I can, and practice cause for me to prefect my skill I need to practice, so yeah keep practicing and it will pay.

Everyone loves to feel amazing and
we can bring the joy of body art to your event!

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