5 Facts You Need to Know About Body Painting

5 Facts You Need to Know About Body Painting

1. Anyone can be body painted.

One of the most important body painting facts is this: anyone can be painted. If you have a body, you can be painted. There isn't just one body type that is suitable for body painting. The painting is created to fit your shape, no matter how old you are, what size you are or what you look like. So anyone's body with all it's curves is a perfect canvas for this art!

2. You can't study body painting in a university or college.

There is no official degree for body art, even though it is surely the oldest art form in the world. Where can you study it then? Private make-up schools organize body painting courses, international body painting festivals often organise workshops, and many artists give individual workshops. Then, of course, you can study and practise on your own or you can take a private class.

3. Different types of techniques and body paints.

Body painting can be done with different types of techniques. The traditional way of painting is with brushes. Sponges are also used. Some artists use airbrushing.

There are different kinds of paints (grease paints, alcohol colors, hybrid paints), but most often in body painting artists use water-activated paints that are intended for face and body painting. They are classified as make-up and cosmetics, so they are safe to use on skin.  In addition, many of these paints are fragrance-free and also vegan. The same paints are used for children's face painting so they are suitable for sensitive skin too and are easy to wash away.

4. Body painting unites people

Body painting is a universal art form that connects people and artists together. It doesn't matter where you are from, if you are into it, you are in it. The passion is the same and there are no international boundaries. The community is warm and tight, many of us know each other in some way. Body painting is an art form that people are naturally drawn to and we all understand it.  That is what makes it extra special.

5. 99% of people would like to get painted again.

99% of people who have been body painted once, would like to experience it again. Most of them feel that being body painted is natural and empowering. When you're being painted, you can do nothing else but be. So you have time to relax, be in your thoughts, just feel the brush strokes on your skin and observe your body. Most of the people wouldn't want to wash the painting away, but just keep on looking at themselves on the mirror and admiring what they look like.

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