Brush Care Tips & Tricks

Brush Care Tips & Tricks

1. Brush Wallets / Rolls.

I’m all about ease and speed of setup. I do not want to have to move my brushes from one container to another for use. Time is money, people! This need led me to choose a large brush wallet easel. Brush wallets are a fantastic choice as they fold flat for storage and protect your bristles from being crushed or bent and from touching each other. Some brush wallets, like my own, can even stand up like an easel. This feature allows you to stand your brushes upright while in use without needing to prop them up.

Brush rolls will keep your brushes in place and protect bristles during transport but aren’t ideal for use during the job as wet bristles should be standing upright so they aren’t laying in a pool of water. This can cause split handles, misshapen bristles and can loosen the glue holding bristles into the ferrule.

2. Brush Bar

These nifty little boxes keep brushes organized and tidy during those busy gigs. Use 1 or 2 in your kit to keep your brushes in a proper upright position and easily visible for quick access. You may not want to keep your brushes in a brush bar when you pack up, however. It’s difficult with these to guarantee that your brushes won’t get smooshed or bent as there’s nothing covering/ protecting the bristles during transport.

3. Brush Tub

If you don’t mind packing and unpacking your brushes during gigs, you can safely use the brush holes in your brush tub to keep your brushes in proper position while painting. This can get a tad precarious if you have a large number of brushes, as your brushes can be in the way when trying to rinse them in the tub.

4. Loose Bristles

Have you ever had a brush that began losing bristles into your paint? The likely culprit is the glue either dissolving or not thoroughly applied. These brushes are not always salvageable. However, use a small set of pliers or a crimping tool to carefully clamp the ferrule into the bristles tighter. Take care in doing this as your bristles could become crooked.

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